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Anglia weather update

Rain continuing through the evening and for much of the night, with heavy bursts at times, especially over hills. It will also become very windy later in the night, with gusts up to 60 mph. Minimum Temperature 6 °C.

It will become dry and bright for a time on Sunday, with some sunny spells, and the strong winds easing. However, showery rain may reach some southern parts late in the day. Maximum Temperature 11 °C.

Anglia weather update


Mostly light rain at first will gradually become heavier across the area during the morning, then persisting through rest of the afternoon. Still quite mild though. Maximum Temperature 11 °C.


Cloud and rain will clear during the evening. Temperatures will dip for a time, but increasing winds will arrive towards morning. Minimum Temperature 4 °C.


East of England

Overcast, mild, with further rain or drizzle, although this evening many eastern areas will become temporarily dry. Then late tonight the rain will become widespread, persistent and also sometimes heavy. Minimum Temperature 8 °

The rain will linger for the start of tomorrow and will be slow to clear the east, where it could stay wet for a good part of the day. It looks like it will become dry from the west later in the afternoon, with the chance of a few brighter spells. Max temp 10C.

Weather update

This Evening and Tonight:

Rain or drizzle this evening but becoming generally dry through the night. Staying quite cloudy but with a few clear intervals possible. A much milder night. Minimum Temperature 9 °C.


Cloudy at times but generally dry and some brighter spells are also likely. Feeling mild, despite quite a brisk breeze. Maximum Temperature 12 °C.


Anglia Weather update

Becoming more generally cloudy and with a little light rain developing in places later in the night. A very mild night, too. Minimum Temperature 15 °C.

Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy at first with occasional rain. Despite the cloud it will be warm in a light southerly wind, especially during the afternoon when sunny spells are expected to develop. Maximum Temperature 26 °C.

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