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Recycling centre fire in Norfolk now out

A fire at a recycling depot in Norfolk has been put out.

A fire at a recycling depot in Norfolk has been put out.

At its height almost 100 firefighters were called to the Larkshall Depot in Wretham near Thetford and local residents were advised to keep their windows shut.

A spokesperson for Veridor, which runs the site, said no one had been injured and the Environment Agency had been notified.

Fire crews will remain at the scene this afternoon.


Wrong recycling meaning more waste sent to landfill

Plastic bags, clothes and even a toasted sandwich maker... These are all things councils in Cambridgeshire say they have found in the wrong recycling bins. Now they've started a video campaign to encourage people to pay more attention when they throw things away.

The videos uses animations with video footage to show what happens to waste when it's picked up from people's homes and then, over eight weeks, turned into compost for local farms and gardens. They were filmed at the Amey Waste Management Park in Waterbeach.

It's a joint campaign between all Cambridgeshire councils under the banner of RECAP (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Waste Partnership), who say they're having to send organic material to landfill unnecessarily because people put it in the wrong bins.

They say they're going to become more strict on not emptying bins if there are incorrect items inside.

Recycling success story

Almost two tonnes of clothing, shoes and sheets have been saved from landfill on the first day of a new textiles recycling trial in South Cambridgeshire.

The trial which covers 5,000 homes began on Wednesday with hundreds of blue bags full of textiles being loaded up for recycling in one day.

If the trial is successful waste bosses aim to roll it out to all homes in the district.

Don't bin it - recycle it!

The recycling dinosaur

A new campaign has been launched in the Rochford area of Essex to recycle unwanted electrical items.

The council's backing a recycling project called the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment scheme.

A WEEE dinosaur, made of unwanted electrical items, will be on display during the new year.