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  1. Stuart Leithes

Eels given helping hand in River Great Ouse

The River Great Ouse which runs through our region is well known for its eel population. The city of Ely in Cambridgeshire is said to have taken its name from the fish - but recently they've been in dramatic decline.

Now the Environment Agency has decided to give them a helping hand migrating up the river - by catching them and lifting them over barriers like sluices, that control the flow of the water.


Silt island to be removed from River Great Ouse

More than 700 tonnes of silt is to be removed from the River Great Ouse in Norfolk.

The work, taking place between Downham Market and Denver Lock, should benefit sailors making the channel more navigable.

A suction pump machine and dredger will be used to remove the silt. Water and silt will be pumped out of the river and separated.

The water will then be pumped back into the river. Once the silt has dried, it will be used to maintain flood banks in the area.

The works, which are taking place approximately 50 metres downstream of the lock, will take around eight days to complete at a cost of £38,000.