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Minister tours GM crop trial site

On his visit to Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire Mr Paterson visited the field where the active GM crop trial is taking place.

The field, which is surrounded by a high fence, has security guarding it 24 hours a day and signs warn of guard dogs.

Everyone going through the gate next to the field had to sign a book as part of the tight security process - even Mr Paterson.

Before taking the trip out to see the crop trial, Mr Paterson toured the laboratories and had a go at using a particle gun, which is used in the GM process

Minister: UK could have leading role in feeding the world

Owen Paterson making the announcement today Credit: PA

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said the UK could have a "leading role in feeding the world".

Mr Paterson made the announcement at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, today.

He said the Government will help companies and research providers to overcome any barriers they may face in the UK - ensuring that it is the "best place" for them to carry out their work.

"The farmer benefits. The consumer benefits. The environment benefits," he said

John Innes Centre in Norwich and Rothamstead are both leaders in the this area of scientific research.