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Work begins on huge new wind turbine

Work is due to start on a new wind turbine at the RSPB's headquarters at Sandy in Bedfordshire.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

The turbine is 100 meters tall so needs to be transported to the RSPB on eight lorries. It could take about two weeks to put up, depending on the weather.

The turbine is expected to generate about two million units of green energy each year, which the charity says is equivalent to half the electricity it uses across all of its 27 locations in the UK.

"In the UK we have the potential to generate a significant portion, if not all of our electricity from sustainable sources. This will take time and it will take investment.

"So I am proud to say the RSPB continues to back words with actions to show we are serious about tackling the threat of climate change with our biggest single renewable energy project yet."

– Martin Harper - Director of Conservation, RSPB


Red Squirrels rarest animals in wildlife survey

Reds are rare Credit: PA

The results of the world's biggest wildlife survey have been released today.

More than 30,000 people from East Anglia took part in the RSPB's Garden Wildlife survey, the rarest creature was the red squirrel which was seen by less than 1% seeing of those taking part.

The most common - its cousin the grey squirrel

House sparrow tops the list of garden birds in the east

On a cold weekend in January 65,000 people across the East of England took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch.

Now the results have been released by the RSPB and there are a few surprises.

They say that numbers are down slightly, but it could be because our mild winter has meant that some birds have been able to find their food elsewhere in the countryside.

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