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Animal rights campaigners call for shock collar ban

Campaigners for animal rights are tonight backing calls to ban electric shock collars, used to train dogs and cats.

The devices, which are freely on sale, are said to cause pain, fear and distress to the animals instead of rewarding them for good behaviour.

But the people who make, sell and use the collars say they are a valuable training aid that can help to control dogs when they are distracted or at a distance from the owner.

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RSPCA warning to fishermen after seal pup dies

A seal pup died after being caught in fishing wire.

The RSPCA has released a shocking picture of a seal tangled in a fishing line and hooks.

The grey seal pup was found at Blakeney in Norfolk. It was taken to the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre in King's Lynn but its injuries were so severe, staff were unable to save him.

They're urging anyone who fishes to clean up after themselves.

Puppy dumped on Luton doorstep

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a three-month-old puppy suffering from severe skin condition was dumped on the doorstep of a house in Luton.

The female, brown and white, Jack Russell terrier has been named ‘Flower’ by the animal centre caring for her.

She was abandoned on the evening of Saturday 29 December in Acworth Crescent in Luton.

The person who called the RSPCA said that they had been watching television when they heard a light tap on their back door. When they opened the door they found the puppy shivering on their doorstep.

“Flower is extremely thin and suffering from fur loss caused by an allergic reaction to skin mites.

“She has a lovely nature and was microchipped. But the person identified by the microchip log said they had rehomed her with someone in Bedford.

”Some heartless person has just dumped her not knowing if she would be cared for by the people who found her.”

– RSPCA inspector Kirsty Withnall


Man jailed for putting cat in tumble drier

A man from Cambridgeshire who put his cat in a tumble drier and posted the footage on YouTube has been jailed.

Alan Staughton, 23, of Saunders Close, Huntingdon, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a the cat. He was jailed for 56 days, and banned from keeping animals for life

Staughton told RSPCA inspectors that he thought the incident was funny when first questioned about it.

Vet Helen Dennis told magistrates that the cat, named Princess, would have been severely traumatised by the ordeal.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: "We have now found a loving new home for Princess."

RSPCA: Dumped animals 'massive problem'

RSPCA officers in Essex have reported a major increase in the number of animals being dumped and abandoned.

The animal charity says the issue is becoming a massive problem.

At the moment, we have a massive problem with people dumping animals in this way in the Essex area.

They are left in insecure boxes with no food and water and are lucky if they are found in time.

We are seeing countless animals being abandoned and we seem to have a particular problem with cats. I had to retrieve a mum and five kittens yesterday and an elderly cat.

– RSPCA Inspector Steven Craddock

Anyone with information is asked to call the Inspector Appeal line on 0300-123-8018.

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