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Teresa's dying wish that others get the chance of life

A woman's dying wish to boost the organ donor register by 10,000 has been fulfilled.

Teresa Sandeman-Charles, from Duddenhoe End near Saffron Walden in Essex, set up a charity called Save 5 to try to boost the number of people signing up to be organ donors.

It came after she was diagnosed with two terminal lung conditions despite never having smoked herself. She died on Friday 12 December before she could have a transplant herself. She was 54.

"You still have this belief that somebody that special deserves to live and you just couldn't admit that she wasn't going to.

"If you could prevent your family or somebody else's family going through such terrible grief by donating your organs, think about it. It's one of the best things you can do in life."

– Roy Sandeman-Charles, Teresa's husband

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Teresa's dying wish - to get more people on the organ donor register

Teresa Sandeman-Charles campaigned for more organ donors Credit: ITV News Anglia

Teresa Sandeman-Charles from Essex, who was known as 'T' has had her dying wish come true, after 10,000 people signed up to her campaign for organ donors.

The 54 year old from Duddenhoe End near Saffron Walden, was diagnosed with two terminal lung conditions and set up the 'Save5' charity to boost the number of people on the organ donor register.

Teresa died last week, before she could have a transplant herself.

Teresa set up the charity Save5 Credit: ITV News Anglia
Roy Sandeman-Charles, Teresa's husband Credit: ITV News Anglia

"She was in Papworth receiving a heavy dose of steroids, she told me she was in floods of tears in the bed, not because of what she was going through, but because she realised that three people die every day waiting on a transplant and there and then she came up with the idea of Save5."

– Roy Sandeman-Charles, Teresa's husband

A transplant was the only way to save Teresa. She had never smoked, but was diagnosed with two incurable lung diseases, one so rare it affects only 8 people in the world.

"Everyone who signs up to be a donor has the chance to save five lives."

– Teresa Sandeman-Charles,speaking in 2013

Soldiers mark return from Afghanistan with Saffron Walden parade

Soldiers paraded through the streets of Saffron Walden this morning. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Soldiers paraded through the streets of Saffron Walden this morning as they were honoured for their service in Afghanistan.

33 Engineer Regiment and 58 Field Squadron were joined by the Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas.

The soldiers were awarded medals for their contribution. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The soldiers were then awarded medals for their contribution in Afghanistan as operations in the country come to an end.

Criminal gang members jailed for series of Christmas raids

Constanton Zaharia and Alexandru Andrei Credit: Essex police

Two members of an organised crime gang have been jailed for their part in a series of burglaries in Essex.

Constantin Zaharia and Alexandru Andrei were part of a gang suspected of breaking into 29 homes in the Stansted and Saffron Walden areas, along with places in Hertfordshire, Kent and Suffolk.

11 of the Essex burglaries took place on Christmas Day 2013.

In total the gang took property valued at £175,000 and caused £30,000 of damage as they smashed their way into homes.

The Romanian nationals were arrested at Dover on December 29th by Kent police.

Constantin Zaharia admitted six burglaries in Saffron Walden and was jailed for 3 years, while Alexandru Andrei pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods and was jailed for 28 months. Both were ordered to be be deported.

This has been a wide-ranging investigation in the UK and internationally. We know that these two men were members of an organised crime group and enquiries are continuing to bring other members of the gang before the courts.

– DC Nick Campbell, Braintree CID


Motorway crash driver's 'incredible' escape

A car crashed into a motorway sign Credit: ECFRS

A driver had an "incredible" escape after a car crashed into a large motorway sign on the M11.

It happened near Great Chesterford on Christmas Eve.

Firefighter Nigel Webb, from Saffron Walden, described it as "simply an incredible escape for the driver".

He added: "The vehicle had left the road and collided with a large motorway sign, the impact effectively sliced the vehicle in half sending the front of the vehicle into the nearside bushes and the rear half onto the hard shoulder."

No one was trapped in the vehicle and first aid was given at the scene to two people.

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