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Grey seal found stranded begins eating again

'Dumbledore' is now being cared for at East Winch, King's Lynn Credit: ITV News Anglia

A grey seal found stranded 20 miles from the coast and being cared for at an animal hospital at East Winch near King's Lynn has begun eating again.

The seal - nicknamed Dumbledore - was discovered on a farm in Merseyside. He's being treated for pneumonia and ate his first fish this morning.

Donations for surge seals top £25,000

Orphaned seal pup Credit: ITV Anglia

Staff at the RSPCA's East Winch Wildlife Centre, near King's Lynn, have been inundated with donations following their seal crisis appeal.

A large number of seal pups were separated from their mothers by the recent tidal surge along the Norfolk coast.

The centre is currently caring for nearly 100 seals. Others have been transferred to RSPCA centres in Cheshire and Somerset. More than £25,000 has been raised to meet the costs of feeding the hungry seal pups, at a cost of £22 each week for every seal. They will need five months rehabilitation.