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Announcement expected on Chinese involvement in nuclear power

Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Government is expected to announce a multibillion pound deal later which will secure Chinese backing for a nuclear power plant at Sizewell C in Suffolk.

The deal could also allow Chinese state-owned companies to design and build a nuclear reactor using their own technology at Bradwell in Essex.

Those in support say it's a huge boost for the region, but concerns have been raised about national security as well as ecological and environmental concerns.

Professor Steffen Boeh, Director of Essex Sustainability Unit Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It's too much of a gamble to be honest. It' a new Chinese reactor that will be built here, the first one in the western world and there's no track record of the Chinese being able to build safe and to cost reactors."

– Professor Steffen Boehm Director, Essex Sustainability Unit
Bradwell in Essex Credit: ITV News Anglia


Fears over Chinese involvement in East Anglian nuclear industry

There are fears over the future security of our East Anglian nuclear industry over Chinese involvement in new nuclear reactors planned for Essex and Suffolk.

It's expected that China will invest in a new nuclear power stations at Sizewell and Bradwell. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Chinese president has arrived in the UK for a four day tour and it's expected that a deal will be announced for his country's investment at both Sizewell in Suffolk and Bradwell in Essex.

No other Western country has given China such a large stake in its power industry and critics say it poses a huge threat to our national security but the government says tough safeguards will be in place.

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The nuclear options for the East of England

A new nuclear power station could be built at Bradwell in Essex within the next decade. Credit: ITV News Anglia

British, French and Chinese cooperation that could mean new nuclear power stations are built in the East of England.

The government's on the verge of signing a deal that would give the green light to building new nuclear reactors at Bradwell in Essex and Sizewell in Suffolk.

The Essex plant is expected to be built in the next decade.

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Nuclear reactor control room at Sizewell A shut down

The control room at Sizewell A. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The main control room at Sizewell A near Leiston in Suffolk has been shut down.

The nuclear reactors were controlled from there and it has been manned 24 hours a day since 1966.

The site generated enough power to heat one trillion kettles over its 40 years but the decommissioning process is now continuing apace.

Tim Watkins, Site Director, said: "For us it will be about 10 years before we can walk away from this site and either completely de-man it or leave one or two people on the site.

"Then after 85 years the buildings, which will just be the reactor buildings, will then be taken completely apart."

Suffolk power station out of action for 6 weeks

Sizewell B is out of action for 6 weeks Credit: Sizewell B

Sizewell B power station in Suffolk has been taken out of service while planned refuelling and maintenance work is carried out.

More than a thousand specialists have been brought in to join the current workforce at Leiston for the next six weeks.

The so-called "outages" take happen every 18 months and are planned in advance with the National grid to make sure there is no risk to the electricity supply.

One of the biggest projects will be to change the rotors on one of the turbines which converts steam into electricity to power 2 million homes.


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Reviewed Sizewell plans unveiled

For decades people have been living under the shadow of the nuclear power plants at Sizewell in Suffolk.

Today, revised plans have been published, detailing how emergency services would react in a nuclear disaster.

The plans have to be reviewed every three years, and this is the first time, since the disaster at Fukushima in Japan.

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Revised Sizewell plan released

A revised plan focused on protecting communities around Sizewell power station in the event of an emergency has been published today. Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

A revised plan has been published today on how towns and villages surrounding Sizewell power station, will be protected in the event of an emergency.

Suffolk County Council has made the changes following the disaster at Fukushima in Japan.

The draft plan has been updated following comments from local people and community groups and the Suffolk Resilience Forum are now asking for interested parties to comment on the draft proposals before 14 November.

Changes detailed in the plan include:

•Widening the availability of prior information of what to do in an emergency beyond the current 2.4km Detailed Emergency Planning Zone.

•Updating the evacuation arrangements to include all of Leiston.

•Placing additional radiation detectors around the Sizewell site.

The entire draft plan can be viewed here.

Sizewell B back online

Sizewell B is back on line after being refuelled Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Sizewell B nuclear power station in Suffolk is back online after being refuelled.

It's shut down every 18 months for refuelling, which involves bringing around 1,200 specialist workers to the site.

Sizewell B has been generating enough power for more than two million homes since it started operating in 1995.

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