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Plane diverted after lightning strike

A plane with 27 passengers on board was forced to make an emergency landing at Southend last night after it was struck by lightning.

The Blue Islands S1718 flight from Jersey to London City was diverted at around 6.30pm.

The ATR 42 plane landed safely and was due to be inspected by engineers. The return flight from to Jersey was cancelled.

Another Blue Islands plane on the same route made an emergency landing at Southend on January 7 amid fears its engine had caught fire.

Safe landing for plane forced to divert to Southend using one engine

A twin engine aircraft carrying 28 passengers has been forced to land at Southend Airport using just one of its engine.

The Blue Islands flight from Jersey had to shut down an engine after what was initially believed to be a fire.

The airline has since said a safety warning and not a fire caused the shutdown.

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Early signs are that 'no fire took place' says Blue Islands' air operator

The Blue Islands twin engine plane which had to be diverted to Southend Airport may not have had a fire in its engine, the company has said.

Flight SI712 from Jersey to London City had to be diverted at around 8.30am this morning after reports of a technical fault mid-air.

Blue Islands says that as a precautionary measure the engine was shut down and the flight followed standard procedure by diverting to Southend.

The aircraft landed safely at 8.28am.

"The aircraft is currently being inspected by engineers at Southend. Initial indications are that no fire took place and it appears to be a false alert. Passenger, crew and aircraft safety is our number one priority at all times."

– Blue Islands

The passengers were transported by road to London City Airport.

Blue Islands is a Channel Islands based airline flying between the UK and the Channel Islands and has been operating since 2006.

Plane lands safely at Southend after an engine fire

Southend Airport, Essex Credit: ITV News Anglia

A plane carrying 28 passengers on its way from Jersey to London City Airport has landed safely after an engine fire.

The twin propeller 'Blue Islands' plane, which also had 3 crew members onboard, was diverted to Southend Airport in Essex at about 8.30am.

Essex Fire & Rescue Service said that the automatic systems on the plane extinguished the fire before it landed at around 9.00am.

Nobody was hurt and firefighters inspected the engine to make sure it was safe.

Southend Airport, Essex Credit: ITV News Anglia

"This was a text book operation. The fire was out by the time the plane touched down and no-one appears to have been hurt.The plane landed safely on one engine and automatic fire suppression systems on board had completely extinguished the fire. This had the potential to be an extremely serious incident but everything which should happen in a situation like this did and the plane was able to land safely."

– Divisional Officer Neil Fenwick

Plane diverted to Southend airport with technical difficulties

A plane flying from Jersey to London City Airport has had to be diverted to London Southend Airport due to 'technical difficulties'.

The 'Blue Islands' plane requested permission to land at Southend at around 8.30am.

It landed safely at 9.00am and was met by emergency services.

They were stood down shortly after landing and all 28 passengers onboard left the plane safely and are now being taken to London City Airport.

Suspect package found at Southend Airport 'harmless'

Police in Essex have lifted cordons at Southend Airport after a suspicious package was found to contain rubbish and old clothes.

The airport was evacuated after emergency crews were called at about 10.40am.

Bomb disposal teams inspected the bag, which had been left on a roundabout near the airport approach road, and found it to be harmless.

Roads were reopened shortly before 1pm and police say traffic congestion in the area is expected to clear soon.

It is not thought that two loud bangs heard at the time were related to the incident.


Loud bangs reported as Southend Airport evacuated

Southend Airport has been evacuated as bomb disposal teams deal with a suspect package at the terminal.

Essex Police were called at about 10.40am today after airport staff discovered the unattended bag on a roundabout near the airport approach road.

An Explosive Ordnance Disposal team has been called to the scene.

One passenger reported hearing two loud bangs at about 12pm.

Airport bids to control airspace

Southend is increasing the number of scheduled flights using the airport Credit: ITV Anglia

People in Southend are to be given further information about the airport's plans to reintroduce controlled airspace.

Southend Airport controlled the airspace around the runway up until 1993. Now senior managers say they want it back to further safeguard planes flying in and out.

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