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Police release CCTV image after dog is stolen from homeless man in Stevenage

The black & white Staffordshire bull terrier was taken when its owner left it tied up outside a shop. Credit: Hertfordshire Police

Police have released CCTV images of a man they want to speak to after a dog was stolen from a homeless man in Stevenage.

The black & white Staffordshire bull terrier was taken when its owner left it tied up outside a shop.

Police think it was then taken on a train travelling to Letchworth. They say the owner has been left distressed.


Stevenage teenagers taught about dangers of driving

Shock tactics are being used to target new drivers to cut accidents on the roads.

One in five 16 to 24 year olds will have a collision within their first two years of driving. Some are minor scrapes. But many are life-changing.

Today the father of a teenager killed by a car outside her school told students the shocking truth about her death.

Hundreds of pupils went to the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage for the Learn to Live event.

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Scientists hoping space probe will 'wake up' and communicate

Scientists in our region who helped build the first space probe ever to land on a comet are now hoping it will "wake up" and start communicating.

It is four months since Philae landed 300 million miles away. It sent a burst of scientific data back before going into hibernation because it is too cold to operate.

However today scientists started trying to make contact with it again.

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Plans for Stevenage skatepark unveiled

Plans for a new skatepark at Hampson Park have been unveiled by Stevenage Borough Council.

Artists impression of the skatepark Credit: Wheelscape

It is due to be completed in the summer and will sit in the middle of four residential streets: Vardon Road, Webb Rise, Lonsdale Road and Meredith Road.

Local skateboarders picked the design from a choice of three and will meet with the designers again to finalise what will be included.

The skate park design will be available to view in the Stevenage Borough Council offices later this month.


Labour's pink minibus rolls into Stevenage amid criticism

A pink minibus is being used by Labour to attract more women voters.

Critics have labelled it the "Barbie Bus" - but the party denies the choice of colour for its "woman-to-woman" initiative is patronising.

Today it rolled into Stevenage, its first stop on a national tour, along with Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman.

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Beagle 2 scientist 'would have been pleased to defy critics'

Colin Pillinger died in 2014 Credit: PA Wire

The daughter of the space scientist behind the Beagle 2 project has said her late father would have been pleased to "defy the critics who wanted to say that Beagle 2 is a failure".

Professor Colin Pillinger's daughter Shusanah said: "He would have loved that this shows Beagle 2 landed on Mars, it got all the way through the entry and descend and the processes. It unravelled some of its solar panels.

"This shows such an immense success and not forgetting all the other things that went on in the background of Beagle 2, all the promotion of science, all of the inspiration to children.

"He would love that this is in the news again. He would love that this could inspire that next generation to do Beagle 3."

Adding that his death last year had been tough for her family, she said: "We are trying to carry on what dad would have wanted. He was someone who wanted science to be communicated to everybody. We want everybody to be aware of Beagle 2, to be inspired by it.

"But there is a tinge of sadness that he can't be here. You can see that in the room where all his colleagues, all the people he worked with, everybody is gutted he cannot be here."

Professor Colin Pillinger remembered as it's announced Beagle 2 did make it to Mars after all

Professor Colin Pillinger died in 2014. Credit: PA

Many people have been taking to Twitter to express their sadness that Professor Colin Pillinger didn't live to see that the Beagle 2 spacecraft did successfully land on Mars after all.

The mission was led by the Professor, and he died assuming that the craft had been destroyed after it went missing in 2003.

However, the UK Space Agency today confirmed that high resolution pictures taken by Nasa's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft showed it actually successfully landed 12 years ago.

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