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'Pigs Gone Wild' art trail launches in Ipswich

Some of the sculpture pigs which will be seen on the Pigs Gone Wild trail

A new art trail is being launched in Ipswich this morning.

'Pigs Gone Wild' is an interactive art trail which will see 39 sculpture pigs located across Ipswich for ten weeks.

The event will help raise money for the St Elizabeth Hospice charity.

The interactive sculpture trail features pigs including Ed Sheer-Ham, Elvis Porksley, Porkman Road and The Trotters Pig.

It’s a fantastic venue, full of history and culture which is quite fitting as we hope the Pigs Gone Wild trail will teach people a bit of history and culture about Ipswich.

It was great to see sponsors and artists all in one room and have one final get together before we launch the trail.

The excitement really is building and everyone cannot wait for the highly-anticipated reveal of their pigs on Monday!

– Norman Lloyd, Pigs Gone Wild Project Manager

Car left stranded in flooded ford

The VW is stranded in water up to the radiator grill Credit: @ncfcatwembley

A viewer has tweeted us pictures of a car stranded in a flooded ford at Shotesham in Norfolk.

It's not known how the car came to get stuck, but broken windows suggest the occupants had to smash their way out to escape the flood waters.

Some places in the Anglia region have already seen rainfall totals more than double than would normally fall in June.

Police have taped off the ford Credit: @ncfcatwembley
The car is immersed Credit: @ncfcatwembley
Windows in the car have been broken so the occupants could escape Credit: @ncfcatwembley

Ed Balls backs calls for Corbyn to quit

Ed Balls said Labour needs a new leader as he accused Jeremy Corbyn of alienating "both sides" in the EU debate.

The former shadow chancellor and Norwich City chairman told Peston on Sunday that the party "needs a change" to show it has a vision for the future in a general election that could take place within months.

"At a time when you have a big divide between urban Britain which wanted in and heartlands an rural Britain that wanted out, Jeremy Corbyn has actually managed to alienate both sides," he said.

Weather warning for more heavy rain in eastern parts of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for more heavy rain in eastern parts of East Anglia during Sunday afternoon.

Eastern parts of Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk are included in a Met Office yellow weather warning. Credit: Met Office

The weather warning is in force from 1pm until 5pm on Sunday 26 June 2016

The Met Office says following this morning's heavy showers, further heavy showers are likely to develop for a time this afternoon across eastern parts of both East Anglia and Kent.

Although some places will miss the showers, please be aware of the risk of localised impacts due to surface water flooding, especially in locations where the ground is already very wet, following heavy rain during the past few days.

The showers should quickly die out later this afternoon.

There are still showers across the Anglia region on Sunday morning and more are expected in the afternoon. Credit: Met Office

"The remnants of the deeply unstable airmass of the past few days are expected to remain over the extreme southeast of the UK through today.

"As temperatures rise this afternoon, this will probably lead to further heavy showers developing, although these are unlikely to be quite as heavy as yesterday. Rainfall rates of 15 mm in an hour could occur locally."

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's Assessment


Police investigate alleged hate notes directed at Polish community

Police are investigating the alleged delivery of hate leaflets to Polish people Credit: PA Images

Police in Cambridgeshire are investigating suspected post-referendum racism after abusive notes were allegedly posted through letterboxes of Polish people.

Some Poles living in Huntingdon apparently received laminated cards reading 'Leave the EU - no more Polish Vermin.'

Inspector Nick Percival said the police were "aware" of the incident and were investigating.

He urged anyone with information about the source of the notes to contact the police.

The area voted by 54 per cent to 46 in favour of quitting the European Union.

Police investigate report of rape in Hadleigh

Police investigate rape in Hadleigh, Suffolk Credit: ITV News Anglia

An investigation's begun after a woman in her twenties was raped in Hadleigh in Suffolk on Thursday night.

Police say the woman had been walking in Angel Street close to the Magdalen Road junction when she was pushed to the ground and raped.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them and have released a description of the man they are trying to find.

  • In his 20s
  • Dark hair
  • 5ft 2ins tall
  • Black shirt & blue jeans
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