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Snow stops train services in the East

National Rail says heavy snow is causing disruption to routes in East Anglia today.

The following services are currently affected:

Stansted Airport

Owing to points failures at various locations, trains between London Liverpool Street and Hertford East, Stansted Airport and Cambridge are subject to delays, alteration and cancellations.

Trains between Cambridge and Stansted Airport have been suspended and passengers are advised to travel via Bishops Stortford.

There's also disruption between Kettering and Corby with no services available.



NHS criticised by ombudsman over death of teenager from anorexia

Averil with her father in hospital Credit: Averil's family

The death of a teenager from Suffolk from anorexia could have been avoided according to an ombudsman's report.

19-year-old Averil Hart died in 2012. A report by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman says it followed a series of failures that involved every NHS organisation that cared for her.

The report says there are widespread problems in the NHS treating adults with eating disorders.

The Ombudsman investigation found inadequate coordination and planning of Averil's care during a particularly vulnerable time in her life, when she was leaving home to go to university.

There were also failures in her care and treatment in two acute trusts when she was seriously ill.

"What should have been put in place was a team that would look at her mental and physical well being, what happened was that because the community eating disorder service in Norfolk was understaffed she was put under the care of a trainee and that trainee as we found out had no experience of anorexia at all so she didn't recognise the fact that Averil was slipping away and that she was becoming dangerously ill. The GPs who should have seen her on a weekly basis only saw her 3 or 4 times, and the last time they saw her when they should have been doing blood and other checks the locum said we'll see you in a month and of course Averil was dead by then."

– Nic Hart, Averil's father
Averil Hart Credit: Averil's family

Averil died just before her 20th birthday weighing little more than 4 and a half stone.

The report highlights five areas of focus to improve eating disorder services:

  • Training for all junior doctors on eating disorders to improve understanding of these complex mental health conditions
  • Greater provision of eating disorder specialists.
  • Adult eating disorder services to achieve parity with child and adolescent services.
  • Better coordination of care between NHS organisations treating people with eating disorders
  • National support for local NHS organisations to conduct and learn from serious incident investigations, particularly in circumstances involving several organisations.

'Averil's tragic death would have been avoided if the NHS had cared for her appropriately. Sadly, these failures, and her family's subsequent fight to get answers, are not unique. The families who brought their complaints to us have helped uncover serious issues that require urgent national attention - I hope that our recommendations will mean that no other family will go through the same ordeal.'

– Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Rob Behrens

We met Averil's family in 2014 to offer our sincere condolences for their sad and devastating loss. Since then we have taken into account the learning from this tragic event and our structure and processes have been reviewed. Across the Trust, there is greater awareness and recognition of the issues associated with eating disorders. The Trust would like to repeat the apologies previously made to Averil Hart's family and accepts the findings and recommendations in the Ombudsman's report."

– Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"When Averil was transferred to Addenbrooke's in December 2012, she was already very unwell but her death, at that time, may have been avoided had failures in her care not taken place. A thorough investigation has been carried out, lessons have been learned from what happened to Averil and a number of changes made. We will be writing to Mr Hart to outline the changes which have been made since this tragic event, as recommended by the ombudsman."

– Cambridge University Hospital
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