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Historical artefacts discovered in Suffolk

Now if you think of Royal houses in the east you probably think of Sandringham.

But hundreds of years before Kings and Queens built a palace in West Norfolk, the Suffolk coast was the seat of power for the Anglo-Saxons.

And just recently archaeologists have discovered artefacts at Rendlesham near Sutton Hoo, which they say is conclusive evidence that there was once a grand royal settlement there.

Is this the most important archaeological find of a generation, Tanya Mercer went along to find out more.


Anglo-Saxon treasures recreated

A new exhibition aimed atbringing old treasures to life by recreating them just as it would have lookedin 625AD, is opening at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk.

The real treasure has been corroded over time but the new replicas made using traditional Anglo-Saxon metalworking and crafting techniques will give people the chance to see them in all their former glory.

They replicate the treasures found inside the remains of a seventh century ship, believed to be that of Anglo-Saxon King Raedwald.

Staff at the National Trust museum has been putting together the finishing touches.