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Heatwave sparks thunderstorms in the Anglia region

Rainfall radar taken at 8.25am showing where the thunderstorms are.a Credit: Met Office

Torrential thunderstorms have started to break out in parts of the Anglia region sparked by the longest June heatwave for two decades.

The heavy rain and lightning is affecting parts of Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire but the storms are expected to spread eastwards into Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms which is in place until 1pm.

With a maximum temperature of 34.5°C (94.1°F) at Heathrow airport, Wednesday was the hottest June day since the famous summer heatwave of 1976.

Overnight minimum temperatures at Cromer in Norfolk fell no lower than 20°C in the early hours of Thursday, which is the average daytime temperature for June.

Highest temperatures in the Anglia region on Wednesday 21 June 2017

  • 31.7°C in Woburn, Bedfordshire
  • 31.5°C in Harpenden, Hertfordshire
  • 31.1°C in Stowe, Buckinghamshire
  • 30.3°C in Northampton
  • 30.1°C in Cambridge
  • 29.9°C in Bedford
  • 29.5°C in Wittering, Cambridgeshire
  • 28.7°C in Marham, Norfolk
  • 28.7°C in Santon Downham, Suffolk

Warning of torrential downpours and thunderstorms

There is a Met Office weather warning in force for the risk of disruptive thunderstorms overnight in the Anglia region. Credit: Damon Cooke

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for the risk of torrential downpours and thunderstorms in the Anglia region overnight Sunday into Bank Holiday Monday.

Although many areas will miss the heaviest rain, the Met Office says where the downpours occur there could be some disruption, with sudden flooding of roads, transport routes, homes and businesses possible locally.

The forecaster is also warning that frequent lightning in association with the heaviest rain may also temporarily disrupt power supplies.

Some heavy showers were already moving into the south of the Anglia region on Sunday afternoon. Credit: Met Office


Warning of torrential thundery rain and risk of flooding

The Met Office has amber and yellow weather warnings in force for the Anglia region as the September heatwave breaks down into thundery and torrential rain.

The Met Office says there could be exceptionally amounts of rain during Friday with the potential for flooding and disruption to transport.

Frequent lightning and hail may be additional hazards.

Rainfall radar image taken at 7.25am on Friday showing heavy rain in the south and west of the Anglia region. Credit: Met Office

Some places in the Anglia region have already seen nearly an inch of rain in the early hours of Friday.

23 mm (0.9 inches) of rain has fallen at Cavendish in Suffolk and 21 mm (0.8 inches) at Harpenden in Hertfordshire in the six hours up to 7am.


After the heatwave comes the weather warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms

The Met Office has extended the yellow warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms across the whole of East Anglia.

Its warning of the risk of localised flash flooding and hail along with potential for disruption to travel and power supplies.

The area covered by a Met Office yellow weather warning on Wednesday 20 July 2016. Credit: Met Office

The weather warning is valid until 9pm on Wednesday 20 July 2016

The Met Office says areas of heavy thunderstorms will continue to affect parts of Scotland and northern England into this afternoon before slowly clearing away northeast.

However isolated heavy thunderstorms may still develop across Scotland and parts of England, including some central, eastern and southeastern areas, this afternoon and this evening.

The Met Office said: "Whilst most places will miss the worst, please be aware of the risk of localised flash flooding. Frequent lightning, large hail and strong winds could be additional hazards. All of this could lead to some flooding of homes, businesses and transport networks. Disruption to power is also possible."

"Hot, moist air spreading north and northeast across the UK today will produce thunderstorms, initially organised within large areas of rain before becoming more isolated this afternoon.

"Rainfall will be very variable, but some places could see around 30 mm in an hour and more than 50 mm in a few hours.

"The thunderstorms later this afternoon are likely to be most widespread across northern England and Scotland, and it is here that there is the greatest risk of disruption.

"Further south, they will be much more isolated, with disruption less likely, across the rest of England."

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's Assessment

Tricky conditions for voters as flash floods hit Norwich

Last-minute voters had to struggle through tricky weather conditions to make it to polling stations in Norwich this evening.

Torrential thundery downpours saw flash flooding on many of the city's streets.

Water was up to a foot deep close to the polling station in Cadge Road in the west of the city although it didn't stop voters from casting their ballots

Video from Jamie Brown

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