Your pictures of the thunderstorms

The heatwave has erupted into a string of thunderstorms across the Anglia region. Here is a selection of pictures from ITV Anglia viewers.

Your pictures of Sunday's storms

The week-long July heatwave in the Anglia region was ended with thunderstorms and torrential rain on Sunday.

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Lucky escape after lightning strike on house

Firefighters dealing with the lightning strike in Chelmsford Credit: ITV News Anglia

It was a stormy weekend across the ITV Anglia region.Firefighters in Chelmsford were called to a house on the city's St Catherine's Road which was struck by lightning. Thankfully the strike didn't cause a fire but did leave a chimney in a precarious position.

House owner Pam North said the noise was like "ten pin bowling balls" hitting the roof

Violent storms cause problems across the region

Well it had to end some time and for many of us the heatwave came to a dramatic conclusion last night as violent storms swept across some parts of the region.

There were spectacular displays of lightning and thunder, coupled with torrential downpours.

Cambridgeshire was one of the worst hit areas: homes were struck by lightning and over half an inch of rain fell in some places. And for one family, a lightning strike led to a dramatic escape.

Click above to see ITV News Anglia's Elodie Harper report in the thunderstorms


Storms cause disruption across the East

by Elodie Harper

Dramatic thunder storms have been causing major disruption across the East, with fires, flooding and power cuts. Lightning strikes and heavy rain fall have been causing lengthy delays on the roads and train lines, and flights at Stansted Airport were also affected.

Emergency services have been busy dealing with house fires in Bedford, Milton Keynes, parts of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire


Storms over Colchester early today

Storms brew over Colchester early this morning Credit: 'Brimski'
The skies over Colchester early this morning. Credit: 'Brimski'
Night turns to day over Colchester early this morning Credit: 'Brimski'
The Storm breaks over Colchester at 3am this morning Credit: 'Brimski'

These pictures were taken by ITV News Anglia viewer 'Brimski' when the storm was at it's height over Colchester at 3am this morning.

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