Your pictures of the thunderstorms

The heatwave has erupted into a string of thunderstorms across the Anglia region. Here is a selection of pictures from ITV Anglia viewers.

Your pictures of Sunday's storms

The week-long July heatwave in the Anglia region was ended with thunderstorms and torrential rain on Sunday.

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Thunderstorms hit Anglia region

Thunderstorms hit many parts of the Anglia region on Wednesday evening with torrential downpours.

The white areas on the rainfall radar image indicate rain falling at a rate of 32 mm per hour or more.

Rainfall radar showing torrential rain and thunderstorm in many parts of the Anglia region at 8.55pm on Wednesday Credit: Met Office
Forked lightning outside the ITV Anglia studio in Norwich on Wednesday evening Credit: Steve Chilvers/Seamus Chambers/ITV Anglia
Image showing lightning strikes at 9.05pm on Wednesday. Credit: Met Office
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