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Campaigners gather at stations across the East to protest against fare increases

Campaigners at Norwich Station this morning. Credit: ITV News Anglia

It's a new year, and a new blow for rail users, as passengers are met with the latest round of price increases.

Campaigners gathered at stations across our region this morning, to protest over an average 3.1 % rise in fares.

Campaigners are upset at a 3.1% increase. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Passengers who commute between Chelmsford and Colchester will see the cost of a season ticket top £2000, whilst the price of a Bedford to London season ticket will reach £4,300.


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Rail fares: Where does the money go?

Train companies retain an average of just 3p from every pound paid for rail tickets, with the vast majority of revenue going on maintenance, staff costs and investment in the rail network, according to figures released by the industry association the Rail Delivery Group:

On average, train companies make a 3p profit in every pound on rail tickets sold. Credit:

Stop Stansted Expansion group 'relieved' after Stansted Airport not earmarked for expansion

The Stop Stansted Expansion group say that they are "relieved" that Stansted Airport has not been shortlisted as a potential site for expansion in today's Airports Commission interim report.

"We are obviously greatly relieved that Stansted is not on the shortlist.

The environmental consequences of even one extra runway would have been catastrophic and the fact is that there has never been a viable business case for any extra runways at Stansted.

The airport currently operates at less than half of its potential capacity.

We must now show solidarity with the communities around Heathrow and Gatwick and support their efforts in resisting the threat that they now face."



Your views: Police clampdown on handheld mobile phone use

Police officers in Norfolk, Suffolk and Northamptonshire are among those across the country who are taking part in a campaign to tackle drivers who use handheld mobile phones while driving.

Here are a selection of ITV News Anglia viewers' opinions on the subject:

"It's a huge problem. I am always seeing drivers on country roads on their phones. Glad there is going to be a crackdown. It's NEVER acceptable and texting is even worse. "

– Heather Sagin

"People that do (use phones whilst driving) should be banned & imprisoned. There is no need for it at all."

– Robert Butal

"No problem if you're stuck in traffic jam and stationary but no excuse when driving. Seen too many drivers drift over into the hard shoulder or over the centre lines because they're either talking on a phone or texting or trying to reprogram their sat nav's."

– Andrew Pullen
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