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Bone fragment most likely to come from a deer

Detectives investigating the disappearance of a Suffolk teenager said a bone found in woodland was not human in origin.

The small piece of bone has been subject to extensive tests following its discovery during searches of the wood in February.

The first examination of the bone indicated the bone was human, further m tests with two separate experts have indicated that the bone’s origin is that of an animal.

The bone was found in the wood after officers searched the area as part of the Luke Durbin missing person enquiry.

Luke, who went missing in May 2006, was known to frequent the wood, and officers searched the wood as part of their ongoing enquiries when the bone was discovered.

Further more detailed tests have been carried out and it has been established that the bone was from an animal, and most likely a deer.

This was always going to be very difficult to establish as we are dealing with a very small fragment of bone and it was essential that we sought the expertise of specialists in order to move the investigation forward.

Luke’s mother, Nicki Durbin, has been kept fully informed throughout the testing process and understands that these have been necessary and appreciates everything we have done.

Our job now is to continue with the enquiry.”

– Detective Superintendent John Brocklebank from the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team


New development in hunt for missing Suffolk teenager

There has been a new development in the long-running search for Suffolk teenager Luke Durbin.

Officers searching for Luke, who went missing in 2006 have discovered human remains in woods near the village of Ufford. Police say they won't speculate whether it is the missing 19-year-old.

See Jim Rice's report below.

Luke's family informed of discovery

Detective Superintendent John Brocklebank who is leading the investigation into the disappearance of Luke Durbin said:

Officers have been searching the woodland area in Ufford as part of our continued enquiries into Luke’s disappearance. We knew Luke frequented this area prior to him going missing and as well as other lines of enquiry, we have also recently searched the woodland area.

At this very early stage we cannot make any assumptions about the discovery of the small piece of bone, however we have had it confirmed that it is human.

We now need to establish the identity of the bone which will be carried out by Forensic Anthropologists. This process may take weeks. We also need to carry out a more detailed search of the area, which again may take a number of weeks.

We have advised Luke’s family of the discovery, but we are keen to stress that we cannot and will not speculate that this is Luke. We need to pass the work to specialists in this field to establish the identity of the bone.”

– Detective Superintendent John Brocklebank, Suffolk Police

Further tests need to be carried out on human bone

Bone discovered in Ufford Credit: ITV News

A human bone has been found in a Suffolk village.

The small piece of bone was found in the Parklands area of Ufford, near Wickham Market. The b one was found during a search of woodland as part of the investigation into the disappearance of 19 year old Luke Durbin, from Hollesley, near Woodbridge.

Found in the Parklands area of the village Credit: ITV News

Police say further detailed tests need to be carried out to establish how old the bone is, if it is from a male or female, age of the individual and potentially the identification of who it is from.

Coupled with these tests the area in Ufford will be cordoned off whilst specialist trained officers carry out further detailed searches of the area.

Bone discovered as part of missing teen investigation

Luke Durbin went missing after a night out in 2006 Credit: ITV News

A human bone has been discovered in a Suffolk village, Police have said.

The bone was discovered in a wooded area close to the Parklands area of Ufford as part of an investigation into the disappearance of Luke Durbin, 19, of Hollesley near Woodbridge.


Items stolen from Suffolk church

An oak lectern and other items have been stolen from a church in Suffolk.

The theft happened between 9.30am and 3.15pm on Saturday 16 March at St Andrew's Church in Main Street in Ufford.

The wooden eagle sculpture Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

The oak lectern with an eagle design was stolen along with an oak bench and three black iron wall sconces. The church was open to the public when the thefts happened.

Three iron wall sconces were also taken Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Carol Aston from Cambridgeshire Police said: "There is no value for them but the church is upset by their theft and we are keen to get them back. It is also likely that someone may have seen the items being stolen as the lectern and bench are heavy and would have taken some lifting."