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Temperatures hit 17°C in the Anglia region

Temperatures across Eastern England at 1pm on Saturday 29th March 2014. Credit: Met Office

There is a large contrast in warmth across the Anglia region on Saturday. The temperature hit 17°C in a number of locations by 1pm but struggled into double figures on the coast.

The average maximum temperature in the Anglia region in March is 10°C.

The highest temperature in the Anglia region at 1pm was 17.1°C at Monks Wood near Sawtry in Cambridgeshire. At the same time it was 19.2° in Kew Gardens in London.

The highest temperature so far this year in the Anglia region is 20.4°C at Santon Downham, Suffolk - recorded on 9 March.

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Norfolk and Essex sending gritters out on Wednesday night


We'll be gritting at 11pm tonight as temperatures are due to dip below freezing. Warmer weather set to return at the weekend #norfolkwinter


Wednesday 26th March. The #EssexGritters will be out county wide from midnight. Marginal road surface temperatures forecast again tonight.

Watch video of hail in Cambridge

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Weather flashback: What a difference a year makes

March 2014 may have been mild and sunny so far in sharp contrast to the weather we were enduing in the Anglia region at this time in 2013.

March 2013 was the third coldest on record in East Anglia after 1962 and 1917.

In contrast, March 2014 has so far been one of the mildest on record with temperatures running 2-3°C above normal.

Flashback to the snow and the freezing conditions of March 2013 by clicking on the video below and watch a report from Malcolm Robertson on 23 March 2013

Frosty start after one of the coldest nights of the year

Temperatures at weather stations across the Anglia region at 5am on Monday morning. Credit: Met Office

The Anglia region has experienced one of the coldest night of the year as temperatures dipped close to -4°C. It was the coldest night since 12 January when it hit -5°C.

It means scraping car windscreens and protecting tender garden plants as clear skies allowed temperatures to plunge.

It's likely to stay on chilly side during the week in the Anglia region as an easterly breeze sets in.

This March has seen more nights with temperatures below freezing than were experienced during February.

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Heavy showers moving east across the Anglia region

Rainfall radar snapshot at 4.05pm on Saturday indicates moderate showers in the northern half of the Anglia region. Credit: Met Office

Heavy showers are moving east across the northern half of the Anglia region from Northamptonshire into Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

Thunder was reported in the Daventry area of Northamptonshire.

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Temperatures have been much closer to the seasonal norm on Saturday with a maximum of around 11°C recorded at Santon Downham in Suffolk.

The highest temperature recorded so far in March 2014 in the Anglia region was 20.4°C at Santon Downham, Suffolk on 9 March.

The long-term average daytime maximum in March in the Anglia region is around 10°C; in March 2014 so far it has been averaging 13°C.


Latest satellite image shows dense fog in the Anglia region

The visible satellite image at 9 this morning. Credit: Met Office.

The latest visible satellite image shows the extent of the dense fog throughout the Anglia region this morning. Rural, low-lying areas have seen the poorest conditions with less than 50m visibility at several weather stations including Bedford, Marham, and Andrewsfield.

Urban areas such as Norwich and the periphery of London are now largely fog-free and the higher ground around the Chilterns sits above the main layer of fog. Most places will see the sunshine return by lunchtime.

10 degrees temperature difference across the Anglia region today

Temperatures in the Anglia region at 3pm this afternoon. Credit: Met Office.

An interesting contrast in temperatures was observed across the Anglia region this afternoon. Many inland areas saw prolonged, warm sunshine and temperatures of 14 or 15 Celsius. Writtle in Essex was today's hotspot with a maximum temperature of 16 degrees.

However, not everyone enjoyed the warmth. Temperatures at Cromer and Weybourne were limited to 6 or 7 Celsius because of a cool breeze from the chilly North Sea and the presence of sea fog just offshore.

The Anglia coast will benefit from much warmer temperatures tomorrow, once any early fog clears. A westerly breeze will develop, reducing the impact of the North Sea on coastal resorts.

The Met Office issues a fog warning for Friday morning

A yellow warning for the risk of fog covers the southern half of the UK for Friday morning. Credit: Met Office.

The Met Office have issued a yellow warning for the risk of widespread and locally dense fog, which is valid from 1am until 11am Friday morning. The warning covers the Anglia region and advises people to be aware of the risk of difficult driving conditions and local travel disruption.

According to the Met Office Chief Forecaster, not everywhere in the yellow area will see fog, but where it does form it is likely to be dense. Fog will then slowly clear through the mid morning period to leave another sunny afternoon.

The visible satellite picture at 13:45 combined with the latest temperature readings. Credit: Met Office.

The cold and foggy conditions that covered much of the Anglia region this morning have now retreated to North Sea coasts and parts of central England. Those parts of the Anglia region that cleared the fog first this morning now enjoy the warmest temperatures with 15 Celsius in several locations.

Fog warning in place until 11am in the Anglia region

Satellite picture taken at 8.15am showing the fog is worse in the west of the Anglia region. Credit: Met Office

This is the visible satellite image of the Anglia region taken at 8.15am on Thursday morning showing the main areas of mist and fog.

Some areas have bright sunny skies and the fog will continue to clear in most areas although it may linger on some coasts.

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