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Zoo's newest arrival is over six feet tall!

New giraffe at Whipsnade Zoo

At just four weeks old, Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire's newest arrival is already standing tall - at almost six feet! The reticulated giraffe, a baby girl, took her first wobbly steps an hour after birth. She will be named by visitors to the zoo.

Four week old. baby girl giraffe at Whipsnade Zoo.

Over the next few weeks she will be introduced to the rest of the herd at Whipsnade including her one year old half brother Jengo.

Giraffes settle into new home

Zookeepers in Bedfordshire have thrown a house-warming party for their giraffes as they move into their brand new home.

Giraffe Heights at Whipsnade Zoo includes a re-vamped barn and a 9ft-high viewing platform for visitors.

To celebrate the opening of the new attraction, which will bring people face-to-face with the animals for the first time, keepers dished up their favourite treats in giant wicker teacups - frozen carrot and cabbage cupcakes

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