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Norfolk medical student thought to be in Syria

Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir studied at Wisbech Grammar School Credit: PA Images

It's emerged that a British medical student from King's Lynn may have travelled to Syria to work in a hospital caring for Islamic State fighters.

Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir was one of a number of young people studying medicine in Sudan, from where she was deployed to a Syrian hospital in an area controlled by IS.

She is a former pupil of Wisbech Grammar School in Cambridgeshire and her father works as a surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth II hospital in King's Lynn.

Wisbech Grammar School, Cambridgeshire Credit: ITV News Anglia

"She left here in 2011 with a string of A stars and As, but she was a typical Wisbech Grammar pupil, she was involved in academic work, but also sports, she represented the student voice, the student council and she just really was a member of our community."

– Chris Staley, Headteacehr, Wisbeh Grammar school
Lena is among a number of others to have disappeared Credit: PA Images

"A local girl from West Norfolk, went to local schools, was sent off by her parents to further her education, but has obviously been radicalised."

– Henry Bellingham MP, North West Norfolk, Con,

Man arrested over Wisbech murder released with no further action

Una Crown was murdered in 2013 Credit: Cambridgeshire police

A man arrested in November last year on suspicion of murdering Wisbech pensioner Una Crown has been released with no further action.

The 44 year old man, also from Wisbech, was arrested and then bailed.

He's now been released due to insufficient evidence.

Police have not yet charged anyone with the murder of the 86 year old, who was found dead at her home in the Cambridgeshire town in January 2013.


Inquest to be held into murdered pensioner's death

Una Crown

An inquest into the death of Wisbech pensioner Una Crown will resume despite her killer not being found. The 86 year-old was repeatedly stabbed before her body was set on fire at her bungalow two years ago. Police were criticised for not declaring her death as suspicious immediately and failing to preserve the crime scene. The inquest will restart at the end of March.

Shop owner left with bite marks to head releases CCTV of attack

The moment two men burst into Thivakaran's shop in Wisbech. Credit: Thivakaran Kumaravel

A shop owner from Cambridgeshire has released CCTV of the moment he was attacked after two men burst into his shop in Wisbech.

Thivakaran Kumaravel was re-stocking his off-licence in the Fenland town when two young men forced their way inside.

In the footage you see one man punching and attacking the shop owner, while the other man appears to try and stop the assault.

Mr Kumaravel was left with bite wounds to his head after the attack.

Thivakaran Kumaravel in his shop in Wisbech after the attack. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I came to this country because I couldn't stay in my Country of Sri Lanka because of Civil War, so I came here to save my life, but here I don't feel safe again here."

– Thivakaran Kumaravel
One man attacks the shop owner in Wisbech. Credit: Thivakaran Kumaravel

Anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or all Cambridgeshire Police on 101.


Una Crown: Cambridgeshire Police murder investigation criticised by own force

Una Crown. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Police still hunting the killer of a widow from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire whose body was set on fire two years ago, have been criticised by their own force.

86-year-old Una Crown was repeatedly stabbed in the neck and chest before her body was left burning at her bungalow on Magazine Lane.

Officers first declared her death as unexplained and only later realised she had been brutally murdered.

An internal probe has now revealed they also failed to preserve the scene and did not declare the death as suspicious immediately.

Una Crown's body was left burning at her bungalow on Magazine Lane. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"After receiving two complaints regarding the investigation into the murder of Una Crown, a review of the actions taken by officers was carried out by the force professional standards department.

The investigator considered the set of circumstances with which the officers were presented was sufficiently unusual, particularly once the injuries to Mrs Crown's neck were found, and they should have erred on the side of caution and either declared the death suspicious or sought further guidance.

The investigator therefore came to the conclusion that the officers breached the standards of professional behaviour.

However the investigator did not consider the conduct of the officers in question to be deliberately neglectful, nor did he consider the officers' actions fell so far short of the standards of professional behaviour that they needed to be addressed by way of formal sanctions.

Recommendations from the investigator have been made to the force to ensure training is provided to all relevant officers and staff to prevent such actions from being made again."

– upt Mark Hodgson, head of Cambridgeshire Police's professional standards department

Two Latvian gangmasters jailed for exploiting migrant workers

Ivars Mezals Credit: Cambridgeshire police
Juris Valujevs Credit: Cambridgeshire police

Two Latvian gangmasters from Wisbech and King's Lynn have been jailed for a total of nearly three years for intimidating migrants into working for as little as £1 a week.

28-year old Ivars Mezals from Wisbech and 36-year old Juris Valujevs from King's Lynn used fear and debt to exploit migrant workers picking vegetables in Cambridgeshire.

Yesterday a jury found the pair guilty of acting as a gangmaster without a licence between 2009 and 2013.

Today Mezals was sentenced to 18 months and Valujevs to 16 months.

Man jailed for stealing £60k from 'vulnerable' great aunt

A man who stole more than £60,000 from his great aunt has been jailed for more than three years.

Paul Lattimore Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Paul Lattimore, 39, started acting as a carer for his 78-year-old relative, who has dementia and lived by herself in Wisbech, after being released from a jail term.

However, he used the role to gain access to her bank cards and made cash point withdrawals, purchases and transferred money from the victim's account to his own.

He even paid a deposit for a Volkswagen Golf with her money and set up a hire purchase against her current account of £199/month.

He registered the car in her name then ran up about 40 fines for driving in a bus lane and some for speeding.

Investigations revealed Lattimore had also signed up to a finance agreement in the victim's name for a large television.

The theft offences took place between April last year and January.

In January this year, the victim told police she thought her money was being taken by her great nephew.

Lattimore, of Burrett Gardens, Wisbech, was arrested by police and refused to answer questions. However this week he appeared at the Old Bailey in London and pleaded guilty to theft of £60,000 and fraud.

He was jailed for 40 months and the goods he had fraudulently acquired were forfeited.

Lattimore callously took advantage of his vulnerable relative, who does not live near other members of her family.

The victim was forced to sell her home to help towards her losses and is now settled in a care home.

These were appalling offences and I hope the jail sentence reassures the victim and her family that justice has been done.

– DC Ralph King, Cambridgeshire Police
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