Mother calls for warning about virus

A mother from Northampton is calling on the NHS to warn pregnant women about a common virus which can affect their unborn babies.

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Attacked and killed for £20 and an IPhone

A man was today found guilty of murdering Jamie McMahon in Northampton last year. He'd been on the way home from a night out with friends but was attacked and killed for £20 and an IPhone.

The jury convicted 33 year old Michael Francis of murder and robbery. His friend, 19 year old Mark Lewis, had already pleaded guilty to both charges. Olivia Paterson was in court.

Public sector workers strike across the region.

Schools have been closed, firefighters have been on strike and services at job centres, libraries and courts have all been affected in a day of industrial action by public sector workers.

Union members have been marching in places such as Peterborough, Northampton and Cambridge - however they've been criticised for causing inconvenience and the Government claims some unions didn't have a mandate for the action. Tanya Mercer reports from the west of the ITV Anglia region:


A day of disruption as public service workers strike

Another day of disruption across the region as public service workers staged their latest walkout in their long running dispute over pay and pensions. Schools have been closed, firefighters have been on strike and services at job centres, libraries and courts have all been affected.

Unions members say the strikes have been backed by almost all their members. But, in the increasingly bitter stand off, the Government claim some unions didn't have a mandate for the action. Malcolm Robertson reports on the strike in the east of the ITV Anglia region:

Soldiers run to new base

The soldiers entering Huntingdon over the Town Bridge

The future of the RAF Wyton airbase near Huntingdon has been secured with the Army's intelligence hub moving onto the site

Welcome to RAF Wyton

Today a group of soldiers ran from their former headquarters at Newbury to Wyton carrying their Regiment and Squadron Flags.

42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic) Flag Team

More than £300 million pounds has been spent at Wyton preparing for the soldiers arrival. The airfield was due to close next year, but this latest move secures the base's future.

Rounding the Ring Road in Huntingdon
Raising the Regiment's Flag (youngest member of the running team given the honour)
Flags raised :No’s 13 and 16 Sqn Flag in the background / Regiment Flag in the foreground

Serious accident closes southbound M11 near Harlow

Police and other emergency services are at the scene of a serious road collision on the M11 near Harlow in Essex. Officers were called at about 3.30pm today following reports of a crash involving a lorry and several cars which has blocked the southbound carriageway between Junctions 7 and 6.

The northbound carriageway is also being closed for the arrival of an air ambulance. Drivers are being advised to avoid the area for the next few hours.


Sam the Eagle Owl found safe and well

Sam the Eagle Owl

An Eagle Owl which went missing in the Fakenham area of Norfolk last month has been found safe and well. Sam the Eagle Owl disappeared from the back garden of a property in Tunn Street on Friday 27 June.

An eagle eyed member of the public called the police at around 9am this morning to report the bird sitting on a fence in Pudding Norton. Officers established it was that of the missing Eagle Owl and Sam has now been reunited with his owner.

Three more arrests after Southend murder

Three more teenagers have been arrested in connection with the murder of a man in Southend. Hassan Mohammed from London was found with stab wounds in York Road on Monday night. Three men, aged 17,18 and 19, have been taken in for questioning.

Four other teenagers arrested earlier this week remain in custody, while two men from Southend have been released on bail.

Report says chances missed to protect pregnant teenager

Eystna Blunnie

A new report into the murder of a a heavily pregnant teenager in Essex says chances were missed to protect her. Nineteen year old Eystna Blunnie was beaten to death by her boyfriend Tony McLernon in Harlow in June 2012. She was nine months pregnant.

Tony McLernon

The report by the Safer Harlow Partnership has found there were many signs she was in danger before she was fatally attacked.

It recommended agencies should work together better to share information about high risk adults.

However it said there was no evidence her murder could have been accurately predicted though McLernon had made threats to kill her previously.

Essex Police had asked the Crown Prosecution Service whether he could be charged with an offence.

At the time, the CPS decided there was not enough evidence. It later admitted that decision was wrong.

Miss Blunnie's father Kevin said he believes his daughter would still be alive if McLernon had been prosecuted earlier.He said: "For that mistake, we lost our daughter and granddaughter."

The report's author, Jackie Sully, said no one could be sure if charging McLernon would have changed the course of events leading to Miss Blunnie's death.

Yellow warning for the risk of heavy rain in the Anglia region later today

The area covered by the Met Office yellow warning for rain. Credit: Met Office.

A Met Office yellow warning remains in force throughout the Anglia region for the risk of heavy, thundery rain this evening and overnight. The warning is valid from 18:00 this evening until 09:00 Friday morning.

According to the Met Office Chief Meteorologist: "Outbreaks of rain will become heavy at times through Thursday evening and night across parts of eastern England. Although not all areas will see heavy rainfall, where it does occur some local surface water flooding is possible."

Click here for further information about the warning.

Click here for the latest Anglia Weather video forecast.

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