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Colchester Zoo welcomes eighth baby aardvark

Newborn aardvark - he doesn't really have blue ears! It's just a trick of the light as this photo was taken in the birthing burrow Credit: Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo is celebrating yet another aardvark birth. The group of aardvarks at the zoo are one of the most successful breeding groups in Europe and the only successful group to breed in the UK.

The mother, Oq, gave birth to her seventh baby in March this year, bring the total births for the entire group to eight.

Newborn aardvark in birthing burrow at Colchester Zoo Credit: Colchester Zoo

The baby and mother are currently housed in the birthing burrow while the baby grows strong and will return to the rest of the group later this month.

The birthing burrow is off show, but visitors can see Oq and her baby via a CCTV link to a large screen in the main viewing tunnel of the zoo’s aardvark Burrow.

Aardvarks are native to Southern Egypt and South Africa and live mainly in the sub-Saharan areas. Their habitat is generally grasslands and open woodland and their diet is made up of ants, termites, fruits and insects.

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