Woman with laryngitis may never speak again

A woman from Essex who has a severe case of laryngitis has been told she may never speak again.

21-year-old Alice Mitchell from Rayleigh was training to become a dance teacher but lost her voice seven months ago after her larynx became inflamed.

Alice Mitchell's big passion is the performing arts but singing is just a distant memory for Alice. She was diagnosed with laryngitis in February and now can only speak in a whisper.

Laryngitis is the swelling and inflammation of the voice box. This can cause hoarseness and in some cases make your voice almost undetectable.

Most cases of laryngitis are caused by viral infection, such as a cold or flu viruses and will usually pass within weeks. But Alice's case is more chronic. She's had laryngitis three times in as many years and doctors aren't sure if she'll ever get the full use of her voice back.

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