Speedway final switched from Mildenhall to King's Lynn

The 2nd leg of the speedway National League Grand Final tomorrow night (24 October) has been moved from Mildenhall to the Norfolk Arena at King's Lynn.

The Mildenhall Fen Tigers say a weekend of stock car racing followed by bad weather has made it impossible to prepare the Suffolk track in time.

"When I saw the state of the track yesterday I sank to my knees in disbelief...

"The fog and damp this morning have made things worse than ever. The fence is caked in wet dripping mud, the centre is like mud soup and the track itself is no more than a mud bowl.

"The weather has finally beaten us this time and I can only apologise... But with no other dates left at Mildenhall we had no option but to switch to King's Lynn".

– Michael Lee, Mildenhall Fen Tigers