Bedfordshire police on the hunt for 'horsey burglar'

Police in Bedfordshire are appealing for witnesses after a burglar - dressed up in horse riding clothes - sneaked into a home in Kempston and stole half a bottle of wine.

The woman, thought to be in her mid 50s, was wearing a green jacket, black leggings and knee-length black boots similar to those worn for horse riding. The victim found her in his kitchen, before she snatched the bottle and ran out of the back door.

Although the offender only escaped with half a bottle of wine, a lot more could have been taken if the victim hadn’t been in at the time.

– Detective Constable Barry Kibble, Bedfordshire Police

The burglary happened at around 9am on 1st November in Beatrice Street, Kempston. The burglar is described as five feet five inches tall, with blond hair and that she spoke with an Irish accent.