Adam Simmonds the new PCC for Northamptonshire


(First Count)

Adam Simmonds (C) 30,436 (30.08%)

Lee Barron (Lab) 25,098 (24.81%)

John Norrie (Ind) 19,276 (19.05%)

Jim MacArthur (Ukip) 18,963 (18.74%)

Paul Varnsverry (LD) 7,394 (7.31%)

Eliminated: Jim MacArthur, John Norrie, Paul Varnsverry

(Second Count)

Distribution of MacArthur's, Norrie's and Varnsverry's votes

Adam Simmonds (C) 40,923

Lee Barron (Lab) 30,551

Elected: Adam Simmonds**

Electorate 518,829; Turnout 101,167 (19.50%)


Police Commissioner elections

It's voting day in the elections for new Police Commissioners across the region. The number of people turning out to vote appears to be low.