Sir Graham Bright new PCC for Cambridgeshire


Sir Graham Bright (C) 23,731 (26.78%)

Ed Murphy (Lab) 17,576 (19.84%)

Paul Bullen (Ukip) 14,504 (16.37%)

Ansar Ali (Ind) 12,706 (14.34%)

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (LD) 7,530 (8.50%)

Stephen Goldspink (Eng Dem) 7,219 (8.15%)

Farooq Mohammed (Ind) 5,337 (6.02%)

Eliminated: Ansar Ali, Paul Bullen, Stephen Goldspink, Farooq Mohammed, Rupert Moss-Eccardt

(Second Count)

Distribution of Ali's, Bullen's, Goldspink's, Mohammed's and Moss-Eccardt's votes

Sir Graham Bright (C) 31,640

Ed Murphy (Lab) 25,114

Elected: Sir Graham Bright**

Electorate 599,894; Turnout 88,603 (14.77%)


Police Commissioner elections

It's voting day in the elections for new Police Commissioners across the region. The number of people turning out to vote appears to be low.