Stephen Bett the new PCC for Norfolk


(First Count)

Jamie Athill (C) 30,834 (31.74%)

Stephen Bett (Ind) 27,842 (28.66%)

Steve Morphew (Lab) 21,456 (22.08%)

Matthew Smith (Ukip) 9,633 (9.91%)

James Joyce (LD) 7,392 (7.61%)

Eliminated: James Joyce, Steve Morphew, Matthew Smith

(Second Count)

Distribution of Joyce's, Morphew's and Smith's votes

Jamie Athill (C) 36,605

Stephen Bett (Ind) 39,988

Elected: Stephen Bett**

Electorate 669,387; Turnout 97,157 (14.51%)


Police Commissioner elections

It's voting day in the elections for new Police Commissioners across the region. The number of people turning out to vote appears to be low.