Northamptonshire human remains are 'historic'

Human remains discovered at a building in Northamptonshire are historic, archaeologists have confirmed.

The remains of three people - a child aged around 2, a woman older than 45 and a man aged between 35 and 45, were found at a site in Middleton Cheney, near Banbury, in December.

Remains Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Archaeologists believe they date from somewhere between the Roman and post-mediaeval period, Northamptonshire Police said.

All three remains were in a single grave which was positioned in a manner that is consistent with a Christian-style burial.

The bones are historic Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Detective Sergeant Sean Arbuthnot said: "All of the initial indications were that the remains had been at the site for a lengthy period of time and the results we have had from the archaeologists confirm this.

We are still waiting for further results from carbon-dating which may give a more precise indication on the age of the remains, but we are satisfied that they are historic and there is no requirement for any further investigation from us.

Carbon-dating is still taking place Credit: Northamptonshire Police

We will now be contacting the county Historic Environment Record to inform them of the discovery."