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Car drives over pedestrian bridge

A car driver who took a wrong turning in Cambridge ended up driving over a bridge for bikes and pedestrians.

The car on the bridge Credit: Geoff Robinson

The driver of the Jaguar car nudged his way on to the covered bridge in Cambridge city centre and drove all away along it. The man in his fifties eventually realised his mistake and reversed all the way back down the bridge near Cambridge station.

The man got to the end of the bridge and had to turn around Credit: Geoff Robinson

Cyclist Ruth Platt was on her way home when she spotted the man and cycled back to offer help. She says other cyclists were annoyed with him but that he was very apologetic when he realised the mistake he had made.

Cyclists were not impressed Credit: Geoff Robinson

Ms Platt also said she could hear the bridge creaking under the weight of the car and that she hoped the bridge had been built to withstand such an unexpectedly heavy load.

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