Queen's Bentley blessed

When the Queen's Bentley wouldn't start the Bishop of Chelmsford stepped forward...with surprising results.

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Queen's Bentley gets a blessing

The Queen in her Bentley at Sandringham Credit: Albanpix

When the Queen's 10-year-old Bentley wouldn't start after a church service in Sandringham yesterday she knew exactly who to turn to.

Head Chauffeur Joe Last had been doing his best to get the 6.75 litre beast going but it refused to. The Duke of Edinburgh clearly saw the funny side and decided to walk back.

And then up stepped the Bishop of Chelmsford. A bit of TLC, a quick blessing and the seventh attempt the Bentley knew resistance was futile and her Majesty was soon on her way back to Sandringham in time for her mid morning coffee...

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