Thieves target former constable's home on day of his funeral

Police have condemned burglars who broke into the home of a former Essex police constable on the morning of his funeral. Norman Higgon, who was 90, served from 1950 until 1977.

Police were called to his former home in Malyon Court Close at Thundersley near Basildon, at 9.30am on January 18.

Officers discovered that thieves had broken in through a back door and ransacked most rooms.A 42in Sony television, a gold pocket watch and a briefcase containing various documents, were stolen from the house.

This was an appalling crime at the home of a former officer and was discovered on the morning of his funeral. In addition to dealing with the sad death of their father Mr Higgon’s sons found they then had a burglary to deal with. We want to hear from anyone who saw suspicious activity in Malyon Court Close, Thundersley, especially from anyone who saw a 42in television being carried down the road or to a vehicle.”

– Pc Layla Barker, Essex Police