Big donation to restore Essex landmark

The mill now operates as a museum Credit:

The Campaign to Protect Rural England has donated £1,000 towards the preservation of Thaxted Mill in Essex.

It was built in 1804 and was the largest and most advanced of all the Thaxted mills, it is the only one remaining.

By 1907, it was uneconomic to run and fell into disrepair.

In the1930s, it was renovated sufficiently to be used as a scout and youth centre.

It fell into dereliction again in the 1950s and remained so for 20 years until a Trust was formed to restore the building and open it to the public as a rural museum.

In 1991 the sails were re-erected and turned for the first time for 85 years.

Five years later, the stones were restored so that the mill could grind grain into flour once more.