Minimum of 15 years for man who murdered married lover

Sultan Khan, 51, from Durbar Road in Luton has been sentenced for a minimum of 15 years for the murder of Shobhna Jethwa. She had been stabbed 20 times. Mrs Jethwa was cheating on her husband with Khan.

Khan had pleaded not guilty to murder, but was convicted last week by a jury of 3 women and 8 men at St Albans crown court. Sentencing had been adjourned because of a report on Khan's physical condition.

He'd been involved in an accident and suffered a major pelvic fracture, when he was hit by a lorry in Oxfordshire in May 2011. At the time of the killing he was walking with the aid of crutches or a zimmer frame. Shobhna Jethwa wanted a share of the compensation money:

Shobhna Jethwa gave you practical and financial support after the accident. She helped you find accommodation and prepare your meals. The relationship turned sour because you were due a large sum of money in compensation for the accident."

– Judge Andrew Bright QC