Cambridge police crack down on 'anti-social' cycling

Police were out in Cambridge last night as part of a crackdown on what they are calling anti-social cycling Credit: ITV Anglia

Police officers were out on the streets of Cambridge last night to tackle what they are calling anti-social cycling . They will patrol again today as part of Operation Pedalo, which is aimed at reducing cycle crime, and targeting lighting and pavement offences.

It is hoped the operation will help reduce road deaths and casualties among cyclists, and reduce cycle crime and anti-social cycling in the city. Officers will be targeting particular streets, and will be enforcing the LIT (Lights Instead of Tickets) scheme.

Operation Pedalo is aimed at reducing cycle crime Credit: ITV Anglia

It gives those caught riding without lights seven days to buy new lights to avoid paying the fine. Special Superintendent John Haslop said: "This is another chance to educate cyclists and enforce the law."

"There is a lot of dangerous cycling within Cambridge and we have heard frustration from local residents at neighbourhood meetings where anti-social cycling has been named as a priority."

"We want to tackle this problem and reduce the number of collisions and more than 30 Specials will be working on this operation."