Herts Tory MP is first to write for Morning Star

The Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland has become the first Tory MP to write an article for the Morning Star

The left-wing Morning Star newspaper is set to include its first ever article written by a Conservative MP, Stevenage's Stephen McPartland.

Mr McPartland admitted that loyal readers of the newspaper would be "shocked" at the news.

His article centred on calls for companies to pay their fair share of tax, adding: "Fancy corporate lawyers can eloquently describe the differences between tax avoidance and tax evasion, with the lines between them becoming increasingly blurred.

"Tax evasion is clearly wrong, illegal and unfair to the rest of society, as everyone else has to pay more in taxes to make up for those who do not pay their fair share."

The MP wrote the article as part of his campaign for tackling tax avoidance.