7/7 victim meets the Queen

The Queen has met one of the survivors of the July 7th terrorist bombings, almost eight years after first meeting him.

She first spoke to professional dancer Bruce Lait when she met survivors the day after the 2005 attacks on the London Underground and bus network, which killed 52 people.

They met again today at the Royal London Hospital in the East End - where Mr Lait, from Ipswich, was originally treated after being caught up in the Aldgate tube blast.

The 39-year-old was invited to meet the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at the opening of the new hospital building in Whitechapel.

"I said that I looked a bit different to the last time she saw me," he said afterwards.

"She said 'Yes, I remember. You look a lot better now'."

Mr Lait was left partially deaf and suffered facial burns in the bombing.