Beeching's legacy

In a series of reports to be shown on ITV News Anglia, we look at the legacy in the Anglia region left by Dr Beeching's cuts to the railway.

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Did Beeching save the railways or damage them? We want your views.

Dr Richard Beeching holding aloft a copy of the pamphlet 'The Reshaping of British Railways', in Marylebone, London. Credit: PA

Fifty years ago Dr Richard Beeching's report 'The Reshaping of British Railways' changed the country's rail network forever.

Dr Beeching had made it his job to "make the railways pay", and around 2,000 stations were axed.

Did Beeching save a bankrupt railway or did he damage them for the future? What do you think? Do you have memories of the Beeching cuts? Send all your comments to

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