Police officer sues over kerb trip

A Norfolk police officer is suing a petrol station owner after apparently tripping on a kerb when she was called to reports of a break-in at the filling station in Thetford last summer.

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Chief Constable says legal action not supported

The Chief Constable of Norfolk Police has said that his force does NOT support a policewoman who is suing a garage owner after tripping over a kerb while responding to a burglar alarm.

Steve Jones called the police last August when his alarms went off at his garage in Thetford.

WPC Kelly Jones from Thetford slipped off a 6 inch kerb but carried on working. Her lawyer's letters claim there was insufficient lighting or any warning signs.

Norfolk Police say they had no prior knowledge of PC Jones’ intended legal action against Mr Jones until informed by the Mail on Sunday.

They added that the legal action is not supported by the Constabulary, our understanding being that the action is funded and supported by the Police Federation, a position over which the Constabulary has no control.

This type of claim does not represent the approach and attitude of the overwhelming majority of our staff who understand and accept the risks inherent in policing and which they willingly confront to keep the public they serve safe. It is a disappointment that this is potentially undermined by a private compensation claim.”

– Chief Constable Phil Gormley

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