MP Stewart Jackson to be sued by expenses watchdog

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson is being sued by the parliamentary watchdog for not paying back £54,000, which they say he owes.

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Statement from Stewart Jackson MP

“IPSA’s legal proceedings are heavy handed and disproportionate and are clearly intended to bully me into submission. All British citizens are entitled to seek legal adjudication if the State’s actions are unfair or possibly illegal and so I will be forcefully resisting their precipitous litigation. The essence of the dispute is my challenge of the valuations of 2010 and 2012."

"PSA are seeking a cash sum on a so-called capital gain profit on my family home, in which I live and have not sold."

"The money which IPSA is demanding retrospectively is more than the total amount I received when I was claiming mortgage interest and the property is now valued at less than we purchased it for in 2005.

Their assumption is that the value of my property rose by almost 20% over two years whilst house prices fell by 3% in my constituency in the same period."

"At my own expense, I have paid for an accurate recent expert valuation and I have made a reasonable offer to IPSA to settle the matter and reduce the legal costs which will have to be met by the taxpayer."

"My valuation recognises the need for proper recompense to be paid to the taxpayer to reflect their support for my housing costs between 2010 and 2012, in order to fulfil my duties as both a London based legislator and a constituency MP."

IPSA have negotiated with 70 other MPs in a secretive and arbitrary manner but in respect of my case, regrettably, they have refused to negotiate.

I am merely seeking fair play and consistency and will pursue legal action to receive it.”

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