Rescue operation after charity swim

A major rescue operation is taking place off the coast of Southwold in Suffolk after reports of a swimmer missing following a charity swim race.

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Charity swim would be 'postponed' if swim was unsafe

A major rescue operation is underway after reports that one person is missing off the coast of Southwold after a charity swim. The race started at midday today at the pier on the Suffolk coast. Under the charity the swim rules included:

  • Competitors will begin with a run from the beach into the sea and head off to the direction of the first turn buoy.
  • Swimmers would need to swim around orange and yellow buoys
  • Competitors were to exit the water on to the beach with a short run to the finish line on the beach marked with banner flags
  • In the event that conditions made the swim unsafe then the event will postponed to a later date.

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