MP criticised over length of paternity leave

Matthew Hancock MP Credit:

Business Minister and West Suffolk MP Matthew Hancock has been criticised for planning to take two months off when his third child is born.

Mr Hancock, who is tasked with fostering economic growth by improving the skills of Britain’s workforce, has been attacked for his plans to use a mixture of paternity leave, holiday and the summer parliamentary recess to help with childcare duties.

The Taxpayers Alliance says it would “rankle that he was granting himself a perk which is not currently available to anyone else”.

Mr Hancock has released this statement:

“I think it is important as a father to be on hand when the baby arrives and I’ll be in Suffolk doing constituency work and working on red boxes while also being there to help out with the nappies.

“I’m very supportive of more flexible paternity leave, but I come from a small business background so I don’t think we need more leave, but to be able to take it flexibly between mothers and fathers.

“If the baby is asleep say between 10pm and midnight and that’s when I can get my work done, then that’s what will happen. I've hardly had a day off this year, and this is about flexibly juggling my work duties and my duty to my family.”