Drug blunder baby death

Sarah Sharma from Cambridgeshire was forced to have a stillbirth after being prescribed acne drugs which are not suitable for pregnant women.

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Mother warns others of medication dangers in pregnancy

A Cambridgeshire mother who lost a baby because she was taking medication which wasn't suitable for pregnant women is warning others to be careful.

Sarah Sharma, 27, from Sawtry was told at her 20-week scan that the baby had such serious heart and nervous system abnormalities that she would not survive after birth.

The diagnosis came after she fell unwell within weeks of taking acne medication.

Unbeknown to her she was pregnant when the medication was prescribed and proper tests were not carried out to ensure it was safe for her to take it.

For anyone who would like further advice, the NHS gives more detailed information of the acne drug Isotretinoin here and you can visit the NHS pregnancy advice page here.

For anybody, like the Sharma family, who has suffered the bereavement of losing an unborn child, the charity Sands offers support.

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