Detectives launch fresh appeal over Kempston murder

Sharif Demirsay Credit: Bedfordshire Police

Detectives in Kempston are making a fresh appeal for information about the murder of Sharif Demirsay. Sharif, 65, was killed a month ago in his home at Vineyard Way by three men with knives who then stole cash and jewellery from his partner’s handbag.

Sharif was stabbed a number of times and despite the efforts of neighbours and family who gave first aid, he died from a wound to the chest.

Now detectives are putting adverts on Facebook and Twitter, and using bluetooth to directly message people passing the Hartwell Drive/Vineyard Way area.

The aim is to get people to think back to the night of the offence, see if they can remember seeing anyone hanging around at the time, can name anyone shown in the CCTV from outside Sharif’s house, or have other information that could bring Sharif’s killers to justice.