Falls Awareness Week in the Anglia region.

Local authorities in our region are supporting National Falls Awareness Week.

It is estimated that one third of people aged 65 and above will fall at least once a year.

In Hertfordshire alone, this equates to over 1,100 people each week. Many will result in a visit to hospital and 50 will be fatal.

Older people can reduce their risk of falls by:

• Taking regular exercise to stretch and strengthen toes and ankles.

• Wearing well-fitted shoes with high sides, a slip-resistant sole and a heel height lower than one inch.

• Speaking to a GP, chiropodist or podiatrist if you have any foot pain as this may affect your balance.

During the week, there will be events at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage. Hertfordshire care homes will also be promoting Falls Awareness Week.

"Research indicates that up to 30 per cent of falls are preventable and there is already a lot of innovative work being done in Hertfordshire to reduce the risk of falls.

The Falls Awareness Week will not only give older people some useful advice on things they can do themselves to prevent a fall, it will guide them to where they can obtain help and information.

– Teresa Heritage, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Hertfordshire County Council