Making music in Milton Keynes

Reese-Carly Manglicmot from Brooklands Farm Primary School

More than 80 pupils from Milton Keynes have taken part in a ‘Music Enrichment Day’.

The event involved 40 schools and took place at Giles Brook Primary School last week.

The day was aimed at introducing the pupils to a wide range of instruments and giving them the opportunity to perform.

Instruments they got to try included bassoon, marimba, trombone and an Indonesian Gamelan. The pupils showcased their progress with a performance for parents at the end of the day.

David Rose, the event's organiser, said: “The Music Enrichment Days are a great way for pupils to experience different types of music that they would not otherwise come across.”

Head teacher of Giles Brook Primary School, Angie Bailey, added: “The children were a credit to all their schools. They were an absolutely delightful bunch of children.”