Hogging the limelight: Whipsnade Zoo welcomes three little pigs

Red river hog triplets at Whipsnade Zoo

The newest arrivals at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire have been hogging the limelight since they were born three weeks ago.

The three red river hog piglets are currently sporting cream and black stripes which they will eventually lose to become red all over, just like their parents.

The piglets will eventually lose their cream and black markings

The triplets have already been spotted running around their paddock and snuffling in the mud as they start to explore their new surroundings.

They are often described as the "prettiest of all pigs"

Zookeeper Cassie Taylor said: “Red river hogs are often described as the prettiest of all pigs, and that’s certainly true for our new arrivals – they’re adorable."

One of the piglets hides underneath its mother