Rural broadband roll-out late

The National Audit Office says the government programme to roll out superfast broadband to 90% of the population is running late and lacks strong competition to protect public value.

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  1. Kate Prout

Speeding up broadband in rural areas

There has been a warning that thousands of internet users in the region won't get the broadband speed they've been promised.

The National Audit Office has picked out Suffolk and Norfolk as two of only four counties that won't reach Government targets of 90% of people getting super-fast internet connection by 2015.

That date has already slipped by nearly two years although Suffolk County Council says it is on target to deliver 85% superfast broadband.

The report comes on the day that Croxton near Thetford became the first village in the country to get a new fibre-optic service as part of the national broadband delivery scheme.

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