Norfolk takes over €350m economic growth programme

30 jobs will be created after Norfolk win the bid to run a major European business project Credit: ITV News Anglia

Norfolk County Council has won the bid to run a €350 million cross-border European project to boost economic development over a swathe of England and northern France.

It will create up to 30 jobs and bring £12 million into the Norfolk economy.

When Norfolk takes over the reins in January, it will be the first time ever that an English County Council has become a programme manager for a European Territorial Cooperation Programme.

It will run the programme for an area covering a dozen counties across England as well as France.

Leader of Norfolk County Council, George Nobbs said: "We will be responsible for allocating major international projects from the Wash to Land's End and from the Pas-de-Calais to Finistere in France.

"At a time when we have had to put up with so many negative stories about local government it is a real shot in the arm for us here in Norfolk to win this prestigious and financially significant project. I am immensely proud of Norfolk."

The current programme, which has been managed by the region of Haute Normandie in northern France since 2007, funds nearly 130 co-operation projects between France and England, and involves around 500 different organisations on both sides of the Channel.